“The problem with internet quotes is that you cannot always depend on their accuracy.”
― Abraham Lincoln 1864

Teaching at Ensicaen

Ensicaen is a French Engineering school in Caen, Normandy, where I teach:

  • Data compression;
  • Object-oriented programming with C++;
  • Graphical user interfaces.

Research at GREYC

Discrete Geometry

I am a member of the Image team in the GREYC Laboratory (Research group in Computer Science, Image, and Instrumentation of Caen).

Open-Source Software

  • QVox, a volumetric data visualization/edition tool based on Qt. You may want to visit the Sourceforge Homepage for this project.
  • G'MIC-Qt, a front-end for the image processing framework G'MIC.
  • LibBoard, a C++ library for simple vector graphics which can write EPS, SVG and XFig file formats.


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